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Psychologist Neuropsychologist

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Psychologist, neuropsychologist, Sophie Duhamel

You are adults or seniors,
Your child or your teenager has behavioral problems or faces difficulties on a daily basis and/or at school…

In exemple : 
•  He or she throws uncontrollable tantrums
• I search for my words
• He/she cannot resolve a problem
• His speech is incoherent and confused
• I do not remember what I have just been told
• He or she cannot concentrate
• He or she cannot change his/her mind
• I do not feel like doing anything
• I forget events of my personal life
• He or she keeps fidgeting
• I do not remember anything
• I lose track of conversations
• He or she is messy
• My couple is on the verge of breaking up
• He or she is often in a bubble of his own
• He or she has changed since the accident
• I underestimate myself
• I feel guilty,…
duhamel sophie neuropsychologue plourhan lanvollon guingamp saint brieuc
These difficulties have various origins : psychological trauma, premature birth, stroke, epilepsy, head injury, neurological disorder, genetic syndrome…
→ In particular cases concerning children : developmental disorders (dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysphasia, dyspraxia, attention deficit with or without hyperactivity)
→ About adults and seniors : psychological and/or physical trauma, memory impairment, attentional disorders, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson disease…)

To help you manage these problems and try and find solutions, Sophie Duhamel, psychologist, neuropsychologist offers personal guidance:

• Psychometric tests and/or neuropsychological assessments
• Psychological follow-up
• Parental guidance
• Couple guidance
• Neuropsychological rehabilitation

Please feel free to book an appointment with Sophie Duhamel, Psychologist, Neuropsychologist at CAP SANTE GOELO surgery, In Plourhan.

Between Lanvollon and Saint-Quay Portrieux. If you come from Guingamp, Paimpol, Binic, I will welcome you in the Côtes d’Armor area in Britanny.