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Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologist, psychologist. How can I help you ?

A Neuropsychologist Psychologist, why ?

The issue is understanding the link between behaviour and brain functioning.

My role as a Neuropsychologist, Psychologist is:

  • Neuropsychologist, Psychologist Sophie Duhamel Plourhan Lanvollon Guingampto make a thorough assessment to identify the problems and put the strong points forward,
  • to offer adequate and individual monitoring for the general public : children, teenagers, adults and seniors,
  • to offer help with a psychological follow-up, a neuropsychological rehabilitation, or parental guidance,
  • to create and maintain a link between the different people involved in healthcare and education.

My method, my toolbox…

→ First of all...
Being attentive, studying behaviours, and showing care.
tests normes et standardises neuropsychologie
→ Then...
Tests according to the different stages of life, with accurate norms and standards according to the kind of problems to deal with.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tests: 
  • The Intellignece Wechsler Tests for pre-school children (WPPSI IV)
  • The Intellignece Wechsler Tests for children (WISC V)
  • The Intellignece Wechsler Tests for teenagers and adults (WAIS IV)
  • Memory tests for children (CMS)
  • Memory tests for adults (MEM IV)
  • Neuropsychological child assessment (NEPSY II)
  • Child attention assessment (Tea-Ch)
  • Executive functions and behaviour evaluation inventory for children of school age (BRIEF)
  • Rey Figure
  • Doléac image matching test
  • Zazzo barrage test
  • StroopTest (Golden Version, Victoria Version)
  • Trail Making Test
  • Wisconsin Card Sorting Test
→ And also...
Exercices et jeux neuropsychologie Sophie DuhamelThe exercises and games are caredully chosen according to the nature of the session goal.
  • Attention and Memory, a choice of games, Daily executive functions (Ortho Editions)
  • Labyrinth, Catbyrinth, Bizarre Hotch Potch, speed monsters, Bug salad, memory games, Dobble, Color addict…
  • I also offer other games I have created which are adapted to working on expressing feelings, solving problems, or simply, memory.