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Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

The oldest: adults and seniors

Have you experienced an emotional or brain trauma ? Do you experience cognitive delays which impair your everyday life and/or your professional life.

I offer you assistance to find out and analyse these disorders.

Feel free to contact me and book an appointment.

Sophie Duhamel 06 80 56 68 43

Sophie Duhamel neuropsychologue Plourhan Lanvollon GuingampAre you concerned ? 
→ You question your own psychic, intellectual or cognitive facilities.
→ You feel misunderstood, socially aloof, you think too much… suspicion of High Intellectual Potential. (“zebra” : “genius”).

→ You are at a turning point in your life (vocational retraining, change of gender, moving…)
→ You have experienced a mental and/or physical trauma (family breakdown, death, burn-out, accident, stroke, head trauma,…).

→  You, or one of your relatives suffer from a neurological/neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, Charcot’s disease,…).

→ You have experienced a physical trauma (Stroke, head trauma, accident, infectious disease,…).

My role is to identify: 
  • An attentional disorder

    You or your relative constantly need to change activities. You feel restless and you cannot focus your attention for a long period of time.

  • An executive fonctions disorder

    You or your relative show a rigid behaviour. Changes affect you. Making decisions is difficult, sometimes impossible. Initiating an activity in a coherent and efficient manner is quite an ordeal. Sometimes, tantrums, emotional restlessness are noticed as an obstacle to communication. In extreme cases a frontal reaction can initiate inappropriate behaviours.

  • Memory loss

    You often forget your close relatives birthdays, recent events.

  • Psychological and emotional problems

    You feel anxious, down. You feel worthless. You feel guilty. You always feel sad.

  • Spoken language disorders or aphasia

    You or your relative do not understand, or you are not able to express yourself in a pertinent manner. You cannot find your words. Your speech is confused and incoherent sometimes. You find it difficult to understand what people ask you to do. Your speech is essentially self-centered..